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Mediterranean Atmospheres

About me

Rediscovering my roots through painting

I’m an italian self-taught painter. Born in Naples in 1982,  I have lived most of my life in that extraordinary strip of land enclosed between the Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples.

After a Law degree I became a lawyer, but creativity and love of art have always been part of me and so, at the beginning of 2019, I started painting.

I bought some paints and brushes and pulled out of the closet the easel that my parents had given me for Christmas almost thirty years before and I began to paint what was most dear and familiar to me: the landscape of the Italian coast and my beloved Mediterranean sea.


The Vision

Colour as an expression of the soul

My Mediterranean is made up of light and colour, immense expanses of water in which the clear sky is mirrored and coastlines dotted with ancient towers and villages perched on rocks or softly lying on golden beaches. Its colours are rich and saturated, as well as the vibrancy of my land and its contrasts.

Yet this feast of the senses, which at first inebriates and stuns, evokes in me something ancient and profound. A sense of peace and harmony extinguishes the background noise that accompanies everyday life and makes me immerse myself completely in the moment.

And it is then that the blue of the sea tinges my soul, or perhaps the opposite, mixing with the vermilion of the fleshy petals or the bright gold of the fruit or the earth that brightens the plaster of the houses.

A spontaneous use of the palette is the way I express my love of life and the inner serenity I have acquired through art. It is like a circle, the perimeter of which is difficult to say from which point it begins and at which point it ends.

The Mission

Celebrating the beauty of the Mediterranean

I love to paint a snapshot of a sunny afternoon spent on the coast or the vital explosion of a bouquet of flowers or a tree laden with fragrant lemons.

There is no particular intention behind this choice, other than the simple desire to celebrate the beauty that surrounds me and to perpetuate the bliss that it transmits to me through the process of painting.

In a way, I live painting as a selfish and hedonistic act, through which I hope to create artistic works that inspire a sense of joyful serenity and harmony in the viewer.


Where to find my paintings

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